Opening Night: 

6th August 2015
Urban In Ibiza #7 

@ Atzaro Agroturismo Ibiza

This August 2015, Urban In Ibiza presents its 7th edition featuring artworks by more than 50 artists, 4 fashion shows, 2 live bands, DJs, live art and painting – a travelling circus of art, music and fashion – a contemporary art extravaganza. 




exhibition and live paint

With this year's exhibition showcasing works from Banksy, Inkie, Hush, Pam Glew, Goldie, Fin Dac and many more high-flyers from the scene, it’s a perfect opportunity to be able to view works by artists who are famous in their own right, all under one roof – a rare occurrence in the first place, let alone in such beautiful surroundings as the prestigious Atzaro Agricultural Resort. 

The artists involved are highly collectable, the show will be a unique chance to get one off bespoke piece made exclusively for the show in Ibiza. The event's theme is based around the number seven and its mythical meaning, prominent in religion, film and publishing works over the years, the background has been researched extensively and the body of reference materials has been supplied to the artists as inspiration for their commissioned works which will be presented to the public for the first time at UII7.  

Other highlights include live painting. The audience will be able to witness artworks taken from blank canvas to finished piece in front of their very eyes – a rare treat to be able to see elite spray can artists in action and to be able chat with them informally while they paint! Artists: Inkie, Fin Dac, Elmo Hood, Zeus, #codefc, SR47 and Yared Nigussu. 


Featured Artists




"So catchy it hurts. Welcome to the new dawn of music. Intelligent yet soulful whilst striking you dumb with sheer musicianship." We have been lucky to be able to secure ‘The Scribes’ to perform. They were voted best support act at Glastonbury, stealing the show from the main acts constantly wherever they go. Check out their latest single ‘Monsters’ and strap yourself in be ready for these little monsters to grace the stage! The Scribes is the winner of the Best UK Urban Act (Exposure Music Awards), the Best Live Act (EatMusic Radio Awards), and we can easily say that the hottest hiphop in the UK at the moment. Simply not to be missed. 


Also performing live is House of Funk featuring Oliver Night who are currently blazing up on the radio with over four million Soundcloud listeners. 


With selected DJs picked especially for the event, it's shaping up to be quite a road block! DJ Samir and Andy Carroll, Ibiza’s two favourite internationally renowned DJs are going to be in charge of the party vibe until dawn. For over the decades they have both built a reputation through their ability to read and entertain a crowd, no matter what the event. From big room house venues to intimate private parties, they know exactly what to play and when! 





Urban in Ibiza will be showcasing its new fashion line on the catwalk this year. This capsule collection, 'Tailored Anarchy' is being especially designed and manufactured for the big launch at this year's show. It will include some killer fashion pieces, including artworks from some of our exhibiting artists, showcased on the catwalk for the first time! The artists involved: K-Guy, James Mylne, Tim Fowler, Paul McGowan, Julian Quaye, Ben Allen, Henry Hate, K-Tee, Schoony, Belinda Frikh, Cheba, Dominic Vonbern, David Hoffman


The central fashion feature will be brought to us by Religion, who are pulling out all the stops to bring their style and skill to new levels, supplying seven of their forthcoming leather biker jackets that selected artists have been commissioned to paint in their own style. We know these will be the ‘it’ item fashion lovers will be fighting over. 


As though that weren't enough for you we have traditional shoe makers George Cox donating 7 pairs of the iconic Joe Strummer brothel creepers to Urban In Ibiza 7, which will be personalized by artists and used at the Tailored Anarchy catwalk show and showcased in the exhibition. 

Artists involved in the design of Religion jackets and George Cox shoes: Inkie, Fin Dac, Elmo Hood, Henry Hate, Ben Allen, Dominic Vonbern, Paul Ban Lavery



SUMARIE will be titillating the guests with a 007 themed swimwear show. SUMARIE is a lifestyle brand that specialised in high end swim, beach & resort wear. Their exclusive designs are inspired by elegance, originality and the modern lifestyle. Winner of Paris Mode City Award, British Fashion Award and won competition and was featured by WOW Cracy Vogue 2014.



Jayne Pierson creates directional, luxury women’s wear, which re-defines the body in empowering and uncompromising garments in leather pleating, luxe woven fabrics, future print, silk lycra and fitted leather’s. Jayne Pierson has a fascination with the physical properties of her materials, which are intrinsic to her designs whilst testing the possibilities of fabrics. 



Lovebullets will be popping their urban cherry with a range of delectable bullet jewellery and accessories, including the seven chakra necklaces with interchangeable crystal features that can be customised to create each daily mood or work with any wardrobe. Lovebullets is a British conceptual fashion brand with an ethos of transforming items of destruction into works of art, jewellery and fashion accessories to express an ideology of love overriding negative thought.


After the success of 'Sons of Warhol' in 2013 and 'Tailored Anarchy' in 2014, this year we call our artists to create fresh artworks based on the symbolic meaning of the number Seven.

2015 is the seventh year when Urban in Ibiza takes places in the magical island, and we celebrate this number with our deepest respect.

In all cultures, myths and legends seven represents completeness and totality, macrocosm, perfection, plenty, reintegration, rest, security, safety and synthesis. There are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents. Snow White ran off to live with seven dwarves, there were seven brides for seven brothers, Shakespeare described the seven ages of man, Sinbad the Sailor had seven voyages. And when Ian Fleming was looking for a code for James Bond, he didn’t go for 006 or 008. Only 007 had the right ring.

"winner of the best event in Ibiza 2013"- WHITE IBIZA

"the event the island looks forward to every year"- ESSENTIAL IBIZA

"urban in ibiza is definitely up there with the best of the best list"- MUSIC MAFIA