Urban in Ibiza is a season of Art, Music & Fashion showcase events, the winner of the 'Best Event Ibiza 2013' Award. 

‘The event the island looks forward every year’ – Essential Ibiza

'A truly unique night in Ibiza’s social calendar and a huge success' - Vogue Magazine

Urban in Ibiza combines many different disciplines of urban artistic culture into an integrated and curated highlight experience at Atzaro Agroturismo Ibiza. It offers a large scale exhibition of artworks from the London Westbank Gallery's stable of prominent street artists, combined with live painting and workshops from leading contemporary spray can artists. 

We feature the innovative use of art & electronics, keeping our content and relationships with the audience at the cutting-edge:

Audio-visual virtual band performances & interactive art installations, combined with extensive use of digital publishing and internet communications reaching millions of fans across the globe.

Fashion and apparel are represented by the combination of fashion shows from award winning international designers with cutting-edge sound and lightning artists.


Exhibition of street & contemporary art from London Westbank Gallery's network of contemporary artists, and live painting by elite graffiti artists


cutting edge selection of live & DJ music from the past four decades with international recognition and contemporary cultural credibility.


A blend of established top fashion houses & underground superstars, featuring catwalk shows integrated into the music & audio-visual show.


london westbank gallery

The London Westbank Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Notting Hill, featuring an eclectic collection of contemporary artists, embracing the distinguished, the controversial and the cool. Westbank’s core process is the display of energetic and exciting work from well-established and emerging talent alike. The gallery’s creative complex of exhibition and studio space has established itself as one of London’s must-see street arts culture hotspots, featuring a constantly-varying public display of works, a series of well-attended workshops and events, building a solid community of regular visitors, artists, collectors and organisations.


Paul 'Dizzi' Saunders

Paul is the proprietor of Urban in Ibiza and one of the Directors of London Westbank Gallery. When he lived in Ibiza, he noticed a trend happening in the nature of contemporary art, and noticing the lack of quality visual art on the island, Paul began to build the brand for an art gallery, by running large parties, which took on a life of their own, forming what is today known as Urban in Ibiza - a season of events featuring creative work across the board of contemporary culture, winning prestigious awards each year and becoming a mainstay of the Ibiza calendar, now in its 7th year running across several of the island’s best venues.